Managing Flying Insects

18 Mar

Ok, contrary to the title of this post, I’m not actually going to talk about the life of any flying insects.  But more of an admittance of how annoying they are to us.  And the health hazards they pose to our livestock.

Flies and the like will manifest in or near any barn, corral or pasture area that maintains animals.  They can and WILL become a health hazard if measures are not taken to prevent them from… well… living.

Fly larvae are infectious.  They live like worms inside horses.  They weaken the digestive tract, stress the respiratory system and cause colic.  Flies in the horses eyes can spread conjunctivitis.

Mosquitos, spread painful diseases, that can not only be debilitating but can also be DEADLY!  Like the West Nile Virus, infectious anemia and encephalitis.

Gnats and midges raise allergic aural plaques in ears, cause sweet itch and CAN cause a horse to madly shake their head.

Flies can cause an irritation to the horse as well as to us.  When you own a horse you of course try to guard them (as well as yourself) from such irritation and annoyances.

Horse owners as well as feedlots, dairies, farms and ranches all have a multitude of options to combat these flying pests.  Some are conventional, others are not.  You may find that one method or a combination of several methods work best for your situation.

In upcoming posts we’ll discuss the optional methods and procedures of controlling the flying insect and the fly borne diseases that they carry.  We’ll also be discussing the introduction of the wasp pupae and the uses of repellants, barriers, traps, tapes, lights, insecticides, herbal supplements and internal parasite control in other upcoming articles. 

We’ll be adding a few “helpful hints” and “home remedies” that you may find useful as well.  If you have any information, helpful hints or a home remedy you would like to share, please leave a comment or send us an email and we’ll be sure it gets posted.

First and foremost you MUST have a good sanitization system.


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