Manure Management

18 Mar

Alright, I’m going to tell it like it is.  Everyone needs to learn to manage their………… manure! 😀

No matter how many horses or other livestock you have or where you live, manure management should be your #1 priority.  This is a natural breeding ground for flies, mosquitoes, gnats and bots.  Eliminate the breeding ground, annihilate the population.  Ok, that is hopeful thinking on my part as these little annoyances propagate faster than I can kill the little buggers.  But with proper care I can slow them to a more manageable capacity. 

This is a never-ending process and more so in the warmer months of the year.

The cost is minimal and also aides in creating a healthier environment for you and your horses!  Further, with good pasture management, it will lead to better grazing and nutrition for your horse.  I like to call that the “greener pastures” factor.

A 1000 lb. horse can produce 8-10 TONS of manure a year.  Ya, you read that right, TONS! That’s a lot of manure! 😐  And if you aren’t lucky enough to own a tractor, that’s a lot of labor too.  Most horse owners are willing to forego the labor, but what do ya’ do with all that manure?

Here’s a few option:

  1. Use covered bins or trash cans to store the waste.  Make sure the cover(s) are replaced each time the bin or can is used.  DON’T leave a wheel borrow full of manure hanging around, be sure to FINISH what you start.
  2. Pick up manure out of stalls and paddocks, daily.  More often if possible.
  3. Compost manure or move the waste off site.  If you prefer to move the waste, used covered bins or cans until the waste can be removed.
  4. Drag paddocks and pastures regularly to spread the manure.  (This is the “greener pastures” factor)

In my world of rainbows and butterflies 😛 I don’t have to worry about such things, but I’ve heard…. it’s not always possible to effectively pick up the manure daily.

I do suggest getting into a good routine and sticking with it.  As with anything, an ounce of prevention is better than no prevention at all.

A good routine will help eliminate or at the very least slow the population to a more manageable condition and make life a bit easier for you and your horses.


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