22 Mar

Alright, I have to admit that I’m taking more delight in writing this post than I probably should.    But simply put, insecticides KILL as well as repel bugs by disrupting the insects’ nervous system.  Ok, Okay.  Now I know that sounds really sadistic of me, but these buggers cause a lot of grief to livestock and of course it comes with a hefty price tag of deadly disease if they are allowed to stay and play with the herd.

So yes, it is shameful of me to wish ill will of these little buggers but facts are facts and any one in the western industry will tell you they just have to go!

Insecticides come in the form of fly sprays, roll-ons and wipes.  These are the LOYAL stand bys that have ALWAYS protected your horse and other livestock from diseased insects.  Most insecticides of this nature contain pyrethrin, permethrin and/or cypumethrin and range in price from $5.00 – $40.00 per bottle or product.

The time-tested insecticidal sprays KILL insects, limit the spread of insect-born disease and provides a quick drop in the adult insect population.   (I REALLY like that part the best! :D)  Automatic spray systems can be costly, BUT have an added time-saving benefit.

Although, this is a tried and true method, studies have shown that insects become resistant to chemicals over time.  Also, some chemicals have been linked to causing cancerous tumors in laboratory tests.  Permethrin is also toxic to fish, so the chemical must be disposed of properly.

When using this method, select a fly spray with a protection length that works for you and always follow the directions.  If boarding your horse, us a long-lasting oil based product that offers protection for several days.  The same goes for your horse(s) at your home.  Apply something in the morning that will protect for at least 12-24 hours.  Always avoid the horses face and eyes. 

Some of the best performers I have found on the market are as follows. (These are in no particular order but if I had to pick my best performer, I would pick Pyrahna as my first choice, then Bio-Groom as my second.)

All of these (and many others) can be purchased through Lowery Leather so please be sure to stop in, drop by, give us a call, send us an email and get your order in early.  Be prepared for another summer of cutting these little buggers down to size!

  • Flygone 7000
  • Bio-Groom (extra perk – it smells like baby powder :D)
  • Pyrahna
  • Dura-Guard (waterproof)
  • Bronco (waterproof)

I should mention this, and can’t stress enough…. NEVER EVER use a fly spray on yourself or other people.


  • Use a soft cloth, spray the cloth, then apply it to the face and ears area.
  • With other livestock (such as cattle) use a garden sprayer as they walk under, allowing for maximum coverage without causing them to much alarm.
  • For more ♥Helpful Hints, see our section on Home Remedies ~ Fly Repellents

If you would like more information on specific insecticides visit The National Pesticide Information Center at Oregon State University



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