Flysheets & Masks

23 Mar

Flysheets and masks offer protection from flies and mosquitos by covering the skin and eyes.  Flysheets and masks are helpful if the horse is sensitive to biting insects.  An added bonus is they provide protection to the horse(s) coat and skin from sunbleaching and sunburn.  (Light skinned horses are candidates for that danger zone.)  Flysheets range in price from $40.00 – $175.00 and masks range from $10.00 – $30.00.

In contrast to their benefit, this is a time-consuming method of protection, as the horse must be dressed and undressed (morning and night).  It’s impossible to cover the entire horse and the fabric isn’t fine enough to keep out the gnats and midges that are only 1/8″ long.  Masks are effective, BUT, you run the risk of NOT detecting stress, injury or fear and further masks limit the horse(s) vision.

Masks are more effective and best used after you have detected an eye related problem.  An added concern to wearing this “barrier” of protection is the risk of getting one or both caught on something and the horse injures themselves trying to get free.  Poor fitting sheets and masks can also cause rubbing and chaffing.  (I don’t know about you, but my horse could destroy something like that even it was armor-plated!)

If you think that this method is for you, buy a well-fitting sheet and mask that won’t irritate your horse.  Dress your horse in the morning BEFORE the flies come out and take them off AFTER dark.  If you insist on using a mask, ALWAYS ALWAYS check for possible eye irritations or injuries.

We carry a wide selection of types and sizes of both sheets and masks.  Please call for pricing and availability.


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