Traps, Tapes, Lights and Zappers

23 Mar

Ok this will be a short post, but once again this will be a shame on me one.  As there is part of this post that brings me great delight when I think about it.  I’m sure you’ll see just exactly which part brings me delight as you read on.

Fly traps TRAP adult flies when they’re most active.  Fly tape traps and KILL flies that get stuck in the tacky tape.  (No this is not the part I like – keep reading.) Spectrum lights repel the insects.  A quick note here:  Yellow spectrum lights draw fewer midges than do blue or green ones do.

Bug Zappers (This is it :D) ZAP them.  It even makes a big zzzzzzap when it happens.  The bigger the zap the bigger the little bugger was.  Now the best part of this is that you know INSTANTLY that you have one less little bugger in the world of rainbows and butterflies to bother you!  Ok, now as far as I can see… this is absolutely win/win here!  You know instantly that, that little bugger is gone and with one great big ZAP! you just feel well, good all over about it 😛

Okay, I think maybe I take just a bit too much delight in that ZAP! but it’s true.  So, since I tend to carry on, let’s finish up this post shall we?

Respectfully, I must add here that baited traps ATTRACT more bugs.  So DO NOT place in/or near stalls.  Strategically place traps around your barn, keeping them away from horses and humans.

Fly tapes can be hung in stalls.


The use of yellow lights, such as incandescent bulbs, in your barn instead of blue or green will draw less insects.  Also, the use of blue or green will serve to attract midges after dark.


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