When I Stopped to Breathe…

28 Mar

     Today was to be an action packed day of working in the office.  Skipping that well deserved breakfast and foregoing the family affair.  Yet, no matter how hard I tried I just could not succumb to taking the work route all the way to my office (which is only 3 rooms away from the dining room!). 

     I did manage to find some solace in toiling away and eventually managed to finish what I started.  As, beyond the filing cabinet drawers laid many monsters waiting for me to tame them.  Not at all what I had planned on working on, in the office today.  But I was unable to maintain a single thought beyond what the “family” was doing (outside in the sunshine), while I was working.  So, along the way I took many breaks and escaped to the great outdoors so that I didn’t succumb completely to working on a Sunday. 

     Yes I know, SUNDAY of all days is (or should be) a day for family.  But, as an accountant the deadline does approach and with rapid speed!  Even though there were only 4 filing cabinet drawers it managed to take me ALL DAY to do it.  (Yes, I took as many breaks as humanly possible without it seeming like I was ditching work entirely.)  You will be glad to know that I did  manage (finally) to defeat the monsters and get them to submit to my every whim. 

     I do have to admit, most of my breaks were spent with the horses and my youngest son.  My horses are, well, love bunnies.  They would follow me to the end of the world and back if they thought I would love on them just a smidge.  And yet, saddle them and they are ready to work.  Though they are forever in my back pocket as I walk around the corrals or the pasture it brings me great peace to be among them.  If ever I have troubles, they soon melt away to nothingness when I am around them.

     During my many breaks (ok all of them!), I was sure to bring out the camera.  I did manage to capture many moments of me ditching work – ‘er I mean time spent with the horses.  (haha almost gave myself away there!)  Of course, with all the fan fare the horses showered upon me, it was a magical moment when I was able to actually take a picture that didn’t have a horses head in it. 😛

     Soon chow time rolled around and as I sit drinking my coffee watching them eat, I notice my most fav horse, smiling at everything and everyone.  Now, for the record she’s not a smiler.  She is definitely an Alpha horse and makes the others say “yes ma’am” when they come near.  So, smiling for her, is always bad news and I know it!  I sit and watch for a while (just to make sure I’m not wrong – I hate being wrong!).  Then I see her go lay down.  Yep, you guessed it, she’s colicing 😦  My youngest grabs his jacket and gets me another cup of coffee.  I grab the halter and lead rope and snatch the meds along the path.  Hubby offers to help, but he’s busy finishing up the inside of the tack shed.  So as much as I want help walking her for what could be endless hours, I wanted the tack shed inside done too :P.  Ya, ok I have to admit I was torn – horse or tack shed, horse or tack shed – haha that should have been a no-brainer huh?!  Well I decided I could walk the horse, I couldn’t finish the tack shed.  So I took the lead and allowed hubby to finish the tack shed.  (which looks awesome I might add! :D)  In the mean time Waylon, my youngest, was helping out walking the horse and administering meds as needed for the next 2 1/2 hours.  When hubby finished he took the last shift at walking my beloved Bambi (that’s her name).   I have to say, it was like that jar you just can’t manage to open.  You run it under hot water, you bang on it, beat the lid on the floor, you even manage to cus’ at it a time or two, then finally you give up and someone else comes along and it just opens right up.  Ya, he walks her and poof, she’s all better! 😛

I am most thankful though as she is doing great and it’s back to rainbows, butterflies and the greener pastures factor. 😀

     But, during that time (well thru the whole day actually) I remembered something that had been misplaced.  My peace of mind.  That calmness and serenity that only ranch life can bring.  Knowing that life is good and all is good that is a part of it.  I forgot that life is as sweet as I make it and that life doesn’t always come in the form I want it to be in.  That the people and things in my life are there because I choose them to be and they choose to be a part of my life.  And that the way of life I have chosen, I have chosen for a reason.  No ifs, ands or buts it IS the best life one could ask for.  Somewhere along the way I misplaced what was important to me and how important I was to everyone else.   

Progress can be painful.  You get lost in the hustle and bustle of getting things done, crossing off that To Do List, making money, paying the bills, doctors, dentists, school, grocery shopping and making it through the day so you can start fresh tomorrow.  Yes, shame on me!  😦

As I stand before my horse, I pray for forgiveness for getting lost in the rat race.  For forgetting who I am and what I stand for.  And most of all, I pray for another day like today, so that I can once again be grateful for all that I am, for all that I have been taught, for the roots I come from and for the lifestyle I have so graciously been given.  And thankful I can pass this same gift on to my children and grandchildren.  Amen.


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