A Touch of Country….

02 Apr

As Spring is upon us, I think of spring cleaning, updating outdated styles and putting a new spin on outdated furniture, clothing and the like.  Yet, wanting to keep the standard of the Western Lifestyle and not compromise that Western Way of Thinking I’m so fond of.  (Yes, I’m thinking about gardening too, but that’s a story for another post later.)

Now, I’m seriously country.  As I said before, if it has a horse in it, related to it or just a horse period,  I WILL like it!  So as I sit here staring at the panelling in my house I ponder the possibilities of updating an old look.  Without breaking the bank to do it.  Or, overloading my already hectic schedule with one more project. 

I have to admit, I just can’t seem to help myself, though! 

Most people see something in a magazine and want it.  I look at something in a magazine or catalog and ask myself, how can I make that more western?  Yes, it’s true!  And, it will drive me crazy until I come up with juuuuust the right thing, too.  You should see me rearrange the house.  Everyone takes a temporary vacation because it takes forever to get that couch centered just so.  And of course, then the pictures on the wall have to be moved and the lamps and, and and..  Yes I’m pretty bad when it comes to rearranging and decorating.  It’s taken as high as 3 weekends to rearrange one room!  Hehe, but everyone is very happy the way it looks when it’s all put together. (Then again, maybe they’re just happy it’s over!)  But that’s just me. 

I find something I like and immediately have to put a twist on it.  Add a horseshoe, make it out of a horse shoe, use a rope, a bit, a spur, a concha, a stirrup or, even go so far as to, add a set of horns and I’m good to go. 

So, as I sit here, it occurred to me.  I know just what to do.  So with my western ingenuity I’m going to make a few tweaks here and there.  Add a few brands, a few horseshoes and whatever I can come up with and make a new look out of my old panelling. 😀 

So now, I have a new problem.  I’ll be updating each room with a new crisper, defined look…  And my kitchen screams HELP ME!  Ok, ok.  Now what to do?  I’ll use some conchos for new drawer pulls add some dowel stocks to make the plates stand up.  Add some country frill for a border, maybe some country signs, hang some antique country kitchen gadgets…… WHALAH!  I’m good for another year.  😉

Not sure what I’ll do next year to spice it up. But, I’ll have a year to think about it! 😛


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One response to “A Touch of Country….

  1. angiel0510

    April 2, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    Ah yes spring is here. Though with us just started up our AC unit I begin wonder if our spring was skipped and we went straight to summer? I also enjoy updating, outdated decor and furniture and having that feeling of something new without breaking the bank.
    Don’t have to much fun now 😉



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