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Hot Toddy

Ya, you read that right.

I can remember as a child that if whatever ailed you wasn’t cured by one of these, you were surely gunna die.  haha Just kidding.  But I do remember that it seemed to be good for whatever ailed you.  Sore muscles to a stuffy nose.

So this may not be, just what the doctor ordered. But, here’s the recipe anyway.

A spoonful of …


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Country Chicken Fried Steak

Now you knew at some point I would HAVE to put in Chicken Fried Steak didn’t you? 

You can’t live in the country and never have tried this one!  Here is a great variation, that almost screams perfection each and every time.

And it offers a guarantee of “crispness” that not all can master.

It’s claim to fame


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Monkey Bread

Ok, Okay.  I know it doesn’t sound very western or very country.  But stay with me on this, as the story is a pretty interesting one.

This recipe dates back (as best I can find via the internet) to 1945.  And was later served in the White House by Nancy Reagan in the 1980s.  By adding a few other ingredients, this yeast bread could very well become a sticky bun or honey bun. Or, our all too famous Cinnamon Bun. 😀 mmm

This was a favorite among pioneers and cowboys alike.  Requiring little ingredients and mostly time, this is sure to be a hit at any round-up and easily adapted for Dutch Oven purposes.

Onto the Monkey Business


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Fried Chili Strips

Not all chili’s are created equal.  There are some pretty hot ones out there.  So for this recipe, make sure you know your chili peppers before you buy them.

Chili peppers that are hot are easy to spot and those that are mild are even easier.

Know your chili peppers


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