Springtime in the Mountains

09 Apr

Where we live it’s always cool in the summer and (haha) colder in the winter.  You have to beat vacationers off with a stick because they crave the cooler weather too.

Today, as I make the morning coffee and visit with family from out-of-town.  I notice this “white stuff” on the window in the kitchen. O^O It’s snowing!  It has snowed ALL DAY and has just recently stopped an hour ago.

Our family visiting us this weekend, is from Colorado.  Being raised there myself, I can say there is nothing prettier than snow-capped Rockies.  Or, the beautiful sight of a storm rolling in through the valley. 

Yes, it’s true, most storms have the same appearance, eventually.  As everything is covered in a perfectly beautiful blanket of white.  None could, be so lucky to, make a blanket as magical as this one.

Yet, it is not the end of the storm that thrills me.  It’s the beginning!  The clouds rolling in, everything is gearing up for what could be an endless blanket coming.  You don’t know how long it will last, but you settle in by the fire and wait it out.  I on the other hand, like to check on it from time to time.  Make sure it’s still making progress. 😛

The swelling of the clouds, the blackening of the sky, this wall of a storm headed right for you.  Tempting you, yet taking it’s time to make sure all the conditions are just right.  Then I check one last time just to make sure it hasn’t changed its’ mind.  Snap a few photos, and hope I capture that very moment of all of Mother Nature’s hard work.

Now this time of year, freezing one last time is a given.  Snow, however, is a fluke.  But snow is what we got, and a lot of it.  I would have loved to observe Mother Nature’s work with a more trained eye this time.  But today was an extra busy day for us around here.  We had horses to move, stalls to build, and Studs to transport.  Oh and 18 puppies to tend to! 😛

But I did manage to catch this!  Hope you like it….

*Pictures are copyright protected. ©1987-2011


*Pictures are copyright protected. ©1987-2011


The best part was this afternoon.  When the snow got deep enough, THIS is what we did. 

*Pictures are copyright protected. ©1987-2011

*Pictures are copyright protected. ©1987-2011

 Alright, under protest I stopped progress to snap these last two photos.  But they were so darn cute I just couldn’t resist temptation any longer.  OH see me?  I’m the shadow in the picture holding the camera. 😛

Hope everyone is enjoying Mother Natures’ Spring Fling and all the beautiful wonders she is leaving behind for us to appreciate, one more time, as we trek towards the summer months.


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