Annual Farming Day

16 Apr

The Annual Farming Day was April 12th.  Alright, you may or may not have known that.  But I’m here to tell you, that I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get in touch with Mother Nature.

Now, if you missed out on the event, it’s ok!  You will have another opportunity coming up….  Earth Day is April 22, 2011. 

If I didn’t say it before, I’ll say it now.  The annual Farming Day, as well as, Earth Day are great opportunities to get in touch with Mother Nature.  If ever an opportunity has come along before, this is the one to be taken advantage of.  I know it’s time-consuming.  But, honestly, the rewards far surpasses the labor you have to endure.

We personally believe in home-grown, home-made, hand-crafted, and well anything that was created from scratch.  Farming and Ranching is one of the greatest rewards and a true gift.  It’s said, that if you give a man a fish, he will be hungry again.  If you teach a man to fish, he will never go hungry.  This applies to just about every country thing I can think of!

Though we normally have gardens in the summer, spring calves to tend to, and other ventures to ensure the family is provided for, we have taken the opportunity for the little ones to have garden plots of their own this year as well.  Now, I only have one little one at home now, but it has been fun to watch my oldest son and daughter in-law make the same efforts we did, when he was a young pup.

This is a great time for kids to play in the dirt, find some earth worms along the way.  And, figure out a bit about what Mother Nature has to offer.  There are some things that are a given, like, you plant it – it will grow.  But there is a life-cycle there.  We know it, and it’s up to us to show our children the way of it too.  There truly is a miracle going on under there, and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

From compost to assembly line production everything plays a part in this great balancing act.  Some, I believe, think that they can just go to the store and buy whatever they need.  And never stop to look at the BIG PICTURE.  And say, we don’t need this big smelly feedlot, dairy, farm or ranch next to us.  We can get what we need at the store.  And protest until they get that same feedlot, dairy, farm or ranch to succumb to their whims.  And yes, this is the part that agitates me the most…

They couldn’t buy those very things from the store if it were not FOR US!  So it is up to us to fight the fight and stand for what we believe in.  COUNTRY LIFE.

Now it is true, there are times I don’t necessarily see the “bigger picture” either.  That’s, a shame on me.  But when it comes to working the land and having the land work for you, I’m all over THAT “bigger picture”.

I can’t say that I’m a totally GOING GREEN person, or that we are a totally GOING GREEN family.  But there is quite a bit that we recycle, renew, reuse or repurpose and extend its useful life for another round.  And it’s also true, that there are some things that I have found you can’t “go green” with.  Trust me I’ve tried, and it didn’t work out so well. 😦

I will be posting some Farming Day and Earth Day pictures of time well spent with the youngest.  Watch for those, as they should be up soon.  (I would post some now, but Mother Nature waits for no one and now is the time to be plantin’, not yackin’.)

On other upcoming posts, I plan on doing several DIY project.  I was going to do one on Hydroponics, however my oldest has chosen that project for him and his little ones, so I will do one on compost instead. 🙂  So be sure and check out that blog for that upcoming post on DIY Hydroponics. I’m not sure when my daughter in-law will have that post finished, but I imagine it will be soon as I’ve already seen a few pictures.  Hey!  I’m Mom/Gramma.  So I’m allowed a preview before ya’ll ok. 😛  Here’s the link to that blog .  That link is also listed in our blog roll to the right, if that one doesn’t work.  Right over there called All Things Fabulous.  >>>>

Now I’m off, for another fun day of taking advantage of the great weather, and playing in the dirt with my youngest!  I hope you’re enjoying great weather where you are and can do the same.


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