Earth Day

26 Apr

In keeping it GREEN, we are doing our annual planting of the family garden and taking in all the great things Mother Nature has to offer.  Recently it was Earth Day (April 23, 2011), but for us it has been a month (if not decades) of Earth Day.

In addition to the many DIY garden projects and home-school science projects we have going, Earth ‘month’ has pulled it all together into one nice neat little package.

Recently Lowe’s had their One in a Million plant this tree give-away.  And we were all sure to attend to get our spruce trees.  We of course registered them to!.  Mine are registered under the boys names (Mark and Waylon) for all to remember in the future. 

 Here’s a few pictures of Waylon doing his pre-seeding using his DIY garden / Science experiments. 

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These are biodegradable toilet paper rolls.  We took some Baler twine and tied ’em round the middle.  Put them in the tub and filled them 3/4 full of a mix of potting soil and horse/cow manure.  He’s planting a miniature garden of watermelons, carrots, radishes, corn and bell peppers.The string beans are in the mason jar in the kitchen window.(aka) science laboratory and will be ready to make the transformation from inside to outside in a few more days.
Well, here’s to his green thumb.  I’ll keep you posted as we watch our little green thumbs grow.

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One response to “Earth Day

  1. angiel0510

    April 26, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    Wonderful Idea with the toilet paper rolls. Now that is a way to be green! I look forward to seeing you garden flourish. And so sweet of you to name your trees after the boys!


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