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Ranch Grill

We long for warmer days here, as temperatures here still continue to dip below freezing here at night.  We have tomatoes, beans and other garden delectables ready to be transplanted, yet I fear they will freeze.  Some of the tomatoes that I am trying to season are not liking the cooler temperatures the evenings are still offering us.  Yet, I’m positive that before the summer is over I will once again long for cooler weather. haha (Seems to be a vicious cycle) 

However, the days are tempting us with the prospect of warmer weather coming.  And as we creep into summer, I’m tempted to start planning for one of our many barbecues.

Here’s a great way to kick start summer


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Today instead of the same ol’ dinner.  I thought a change would be nice, so I went through my recipe books.  Some are ancient and very brittle, so this turned out to be a very time consuming task.  But none the less, my task yielded us some great results.

In my quest for something different, I came across a recipe that I thought everyone might like to have.

Let’s get cookin


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