May 10th ~ What happened?

10 May
May 10th ~ What happened?

Ok now I know I’ve been off the grid for a couple of weeks, but there’s been alot going on.  So in short, let’s get right to it and I’ll show you what I’ve been up to.

Let’s tackle them one at a time.  First, let’s cover Trivia Tuesday for May 10th.  What is so historical about May 10th?  Anything come to mind?  I actually came up with a couple of things on my own, but for the most part I had to google it.  I found some pretty interesting things.  Here’s a short list for those wonderful history buffs.

First I have to say that May 10th holds a special place in my heart for ever more.  And in my defense of being off the grid, I will post some pictures to show you what I was doing.  And, I’m sure once ya see, all will be forgiven.  First the list, then some pictures ok?  Hey I put in alot of work gathering all this information so it’s only right that I display the work before the play !  😛

  • 1752     Benjamin Franklin tests the first lightning rod.
  • 1865     Jefferson Davis was captured. (He was the only president of the Confederate Sates during the civil war)
  • 1908     Mother’s Day was first observed
  • 1910     Halley’s Comet made the closest approach to Earth.
  • 1924     J. Edgar Hoover was appointed head of the F.B.I.
  • 1960     J.F.K. wins primary in West Virginia
  • 1969     US Troops begin attack on Hill 937 (Hamburger Hill)
  • 1972     US performs nuclear testing at Nevada test site
  • 2010     Blake Lowry was born at 2:55 p.m. 😀

Yes, that’s right.  I was gone enjoying the company of my children and celebrating Blake’s FIRST birthday. Here’s some great pictures.  Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Isn’t he just the sweetest!  See, I knew I’d be forgiven. 😛

I got all this great historical information from .  Head on over there to check out other great days in history, and thanks for stopping by to share’s Blakes first birthday with us.


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