EHV-1 A cause for concern?

29 May

Anybody that’s in the horse industry, lives on a ranch or farm, follows the show circuit, competes in the competitive arena, or just follows the western industry KNOWS that there is a very dangerous virus out there.  This virus is dangerous, but apparently not to us.  We as humans can’t contract the virus.  However, we can help the spread of it, if precautions aren’t taken from the onset.

The percentage of horses infected are on the rise and making a great cause for concern.

Many shows, rodeo events and other competitive events have been cancelled in light of this new strain of virus.  Campus’, along with boarding stables have been voluntarily closed to new comers.  Farms have been quarantined and horses have, sadly, been put down.  😦

I won’t pretend to be a veterinarian, nor will I give you veterinary advise.  But as fellow ranchers, horse owners and a large contribution to the western industry I will STRONGLY SUGGEST, keeping a low profile with your horses until this EHV-1 outbreak passes.  Take the necessary precautions to ensure the health of your horses.  The smallest efforts will make the biggest difference!

Statistics show that the virus is on the rise with what I would consider staggering numbers.  More than two to me is staggering!  But we’re not talking just one or two, haphazardly spread across the U.S..  We’re talking about large numbers in a centralized location that have spread to a much larger radius and taking in several states.

This is the “buzz” of the western industry, but did you know that this is not the first outbreak of this virus?  Well my curiosity got the best of me, so I googled it.  To my surprise there have been other outbreaks in prior years of the same virus.  Here is the information on the first arrival of this virus.  And there are many cases that follow.  So do we really have a cause for concern?  Or are we just more informed, and aware of, what goes on around us now?

From what I’ve read thus far, this is not our (United States) first rodeo with this deadly virus.  But, by golly – I love my horses so my answer is……  OH YES!  I am VERY concerned as there seems to be no cure.  So we are doing our part to ensure our horses’ total health picture is a good one.  And we are hoping that y’all will do your part to ensure the same.  Together, we can help stop this outbreak from spreading!

Check back for future posts as I will be posting current statistics and resources for the horse owners.


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