Memorial Day ~ Remembering the Fallen

30 May
Memorial Day ~ Remembering the Fallen

To some I am outdated.  To others I’m symbolic of another time, another era if you will.  A time when honor, valor, morals, family values, being strong and standing by your beliefs meant something.  Not to say they don’t still, but I feel it has lost something along the way.  I think that history is worth remembering, and worth revisiting so that we can be reminded how far we’ve come……….. and who is truly responsible for our rights and freedoms. 

The keys to success do not dangle in the hall for you to pluck on your way out the door, your next paycheck or your next paid three-day weekend.  This weekend everyone is thinking of the great time they will have on their days off.  Has anyone stopped to be thankful of the fallen that have made our ways of life possible?  

Though we are thankful daily, we would like to show our appreciation and pay tribute to the fallen on Memorial Day.

Clip Art courtesy of Vintage Holiday Crafts.

At 3:00 p.m. we will bow our heads in a moment of silence to remember those that died defending our Nation and it’s values.  We honor those fallen that have made profound contributions to ensure our freedoms.

Still think freedom came free?  NOTHING in life comes free. Here’s a picture to help remind you what freedom costs…

Photo courtesy of Arlington National Cemetery archives 2010.

With our greatest respect and admiration, our hats are off and are humbled by your presence. May you rest in peace.

From:  Lester, Judy, Rod, Joane, Mark, Angie, Waylon, Zoey and Blake


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