Trivia Tuesday ~ Toast on wheels

31 May
Trivia Tuesday ~ Toast on wheels

No it’s not actually toast on wheels.  But it IS Trivia Tuesday!  So the question is, “Where did the idea for a toaster originate?”.

The first “automatic” turnover toaster was patented in 1914 by Lloyd Copeman.  The patent, however, is held by his wife Hazel B. Copeman.  It is believed that his wife wanted a better way to toast the bread and asked her husband, Llyod, if there was a better way to do it.  From there history was in the making.

In July 1909, the first successful toaster was produced by Frank Shailor of General Electric, called the D-12.  Here i will show versions two and three.

Pictures courtesy of

Though there is some evidence here, and here of there being others that came before him.  Here are some pictures of those firsts.

Picture courtesy of Pacific Electric Heating & Cooling (Hotpoint)

Picture courtesy of Simplex

Now last, but not least is the first “Automatic” Turnover Toaster.  I think you’ll agree there are many great inventions this far and I’m sure there will be more.  But can I just say…. THANK YOU HAZEL!  If you’d like to read the full story of the Copemans’, follow that story here.

Picture courtesy of

Now you know. 😀


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