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Pico De Gallo Recipe

There is nothing more satisfying this time of year than having a garden grow.  By your own two hands, you’ve worked the land, nurtured and cared for it.  Now, the garden is growing lavishly, and giving back of all it’s received.

However, I can think of one thing that could, quite possibly, be more rewarding than this.  Walking out to the garden with a basket! (of course being thankful for the bounty you are about to receive).  And moreover, being thankful for recipes like this, that allow you to implement those, oh so wonderful, home-grown delectable.

Let’s Take a walk in the garden..


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Pizza Pie

When you think pizza, you think of a circular flat bread plate topped with a smattering of choices.  Of which include a tomato sauce base and one of many varieties of cheese.  Or if you’re like me, more than one cheese please!

In our continued effort to bring you the coolest, easiest and possibly some of the best recipes around, we’ve found a couple more that we’d like to share.  I will list them both on this post.  Mangiere Bene Il Mio Amico! (Eat well my friend! :D)

Let’s eat


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Custom Rodeo Chaps

Custom Rodeo Chaps

As always I try to give everyone a preview of the great things going on in the shop for all our readers.  But this was, well, deserving of a single unveiling.  This is an awesome piece just finished, and is planned on making its first debut at the Payson Rodeo.  It’s hard to pick and choose which pieces make it here, as they are just absolutely beautiful when they are finished.

Drum roll please


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Happy Father’s Day!

Picture courtesy of a Vintage Green Life


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Father’s Day a Late Bloomer

Father’s Day a Late Bloomer

It’s interesting to find the history behind this or that, and Father’s Day is of no exception when it comes to its place in history.  So I took to task, of finding out just how Father’s Day came to pass.

Everyone’s perception of how, or why, Father’s Day came to be, is simple.  To honor the selfless acts of love and sacrifices our parent of the male gender have made through the years for us, the loving children that respect and admire our Dads on this glorious day.

But, did you know…


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