Guns of the Civil War

05 Jun
Guns of the Civil War

Ok, I have saved what some may say, is the best for last.  There were many new weapons introduced during this era, and duly they warrant mentioning during Civil War week.

I’ve opted to not show you a picture of each and every weapon used during the Civil War.  Instead, I have found something that you may enjoy much better.  Guns of the Civil War…………… IN ACTION!

I think you will find this is one of the most comprehensive collections of Civil War weapons in action.  Clicking on a link below will open up a new window and take you straight to the action.

Guns of the Civil War (1)

Guns of the Civil War (2)

Guns of the Civil War (3)

Guns of the Civil War (4)

Guns of the Civil War (5)

Here I’ve also added one on “Weapons & Technology”.  It does cover the weapons, but I’m adding this link below for those that might be interested in the technology that came to be, during the Civil War era too.

Civil War Weapons & Technology

The Civil War is considered the “bloodiest battle of the states”.  Where brother was pitted against brother and families were torn apart.  I’ve included below a couple of links that you might also find interesting.  (There’s even horses in a few of them. :D)  Some pictures are graphic and not for the light of heart, so viewer discretion is advised.

Best Civil War Photos

Images of the Civil War

War is neither glamorous, nor do I find it to be completely victorious (on either side) when you look at both sides.  Did we win?  did we lose?  All the lives lost, all the families left behind, properties ruined…. you decide.

I love to win!  But one must ask, to what extent is one willing to go to, to win.  At what point does the end justify the means?  It leaves me speechless, so I will hang my head and walk away to ponder this until another day.


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