Custom Rodeo Chaps

20 Jun
Custom Rodeo Chaps

As always I try to give everyone a preview of the great things going on in the shop for all our readers.  But this was, well, deserving of a single unveiling.  This is an awesome piece just finished, and is planned on making its first debut at the Payson Rodeo.  It’s hard to pick and choose which pieces make it here, as they are just absolutely beautiful when they are finished.

It’s amazing how each little detail comes to life.  Each detail of this piece screams, look at me!  And yet, you can’t just look at one piece and be fulfilled.  As your eyes gaze at all the details, remember it’s one of kind.  The shop has taken in orders for “twin” custom products.  However, it is impossible with hand tooling to create the exact duplicate.  Something is bound to be different, I don’t care how hard you try.

Enjoy the pictures..

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Custom work done by our very own Lester Lowery.
Pictures courtesty of little ol’ me. 😀

And the legal stuff:  All pictures are owned and copyrighted by Lowery Leather & Crafts, Inc.  Use of this content is strictly prohibited without request and written approval given.  But if ya ask nice, we might say yes. 😀



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