Trivia Tuesday ~ Ice Cream Receives National Recognition

05 Jul
Trivia Tuesday ~ Ice Cream Receives National Recognition

Trivia Tuesday!  Ready?  Ok, this is corny, but it’s the best clue I could come up with.
I scream, you scream, we all scream – – – ?

That’s right, everyone’s favorite…. ICE CREAM!

It will be honored this month.  And it’s official too!  In 1984, former President Ronald Regan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month.  Now I don’t know about you, but ice cream is my favorite, any time of year!  But, if they want me to eat more ice cream in July, I can certainly do that, and I’m sure the kids and grandkids won’t mind doing their part in helping celebrate either. 😛

Ice cream has been around since about the second century B.C., but there is no evidence supporting who is responsible for the making of this awesome treat.  There are, however, several accounts of its notoriety and sought after confections.  It is once said that ice cream was one for notables, and those among the lesser did not have access to this type of concoction.  It was not until many years later, that ice cream was available to the public.

Ice cream has been noted in history as being served to, or eaten by such notables as, George Washington.  It is documented that he spent $200.00 on ice cream in the summer of 1790.  After George Washington’s demise, an inventory taken at Mount Vernon revealed two pewter ice cream pots in stock.

Thomas Jefferson was said to have had an 18 step recipe for ice cream, and resembled something like Baked Alaska when it was finished.  The recipe for that can be found here.

In 1813, Dolley Madison is reported as serving President Madison a strawberry ice cream at the second inaugural banquet at the White House.

As the need for technology grew, so did the means to make such things, like ice cream, more readily available.  The insulated ice houses, being one of many technological breakthroughs of that time (1800), that helped propel this into the American Industry in 1851.  A man by the name of Jacob Fussell, a Baltimore milk dealer, pioneered the manufacturing of ice cream on a larger scale.

In 1874 the Soda Fountains were born, and the highly coveted position of the soda jerk.  If you don’t know what a soda jerk is, you can find that answer here.  Soda fountains, found in drugstores, and ice cream parlors boomed until the 40s.  As they were on the decline, Drive-Ins and Fast food joints were making their debut, and soda jerks were replaced with grill men and fry cooks.

During WWII, dairy products were under ration.  Why you ask?  Well, the military boosted sailors morale in the most edible of fashions. In 1945, the military implemented the first floating ice cream parlor barge.  In 1946, the dairy ration was lifted as the war came to an end.  Americans celebrated by consuming 20 quarts of ice cream (per person).

Picture courtesy of Stuff by Cher

Picture courtesy of EagleSpeak

Ice cream has been noted as being nutritious, wholesome, the perfect dessert, and snack food.  The manufacturing of ice cream provides jobs for thousands, and is a substantial contributor to the economic well-being of the Nations’ Dairy Industry.  Former President Ronald Regan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month, and July 15th as National Ice Cream Day.

For the full story of ice cream, and President Ronald Regan’s official proclamation you can find it here.  You can also ready about the history of ice cream at the International Dairy Foods Association.

Now ya know! 😀

Watch for some awesome upcoming ICE CREAM recipes!  I think you’re going to love ’em.


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