Homemade Ice Cream Pie

09 Jul
Homemade Ice Cream Pie

Oh, Rochester!

Ok, I’m sure there are some that don’t recognize that call.  But I do.  Does that make me old.  Well! maybe.  As I do remember the days of the Jack Benny Show and him, among other things, calling for his butler Rochester.  Another thing Jack did, was put his hand to his cheek and declare, “WELL!”.  Now, for the record, I’d like to say all those shows I watched were re-runs.  But none the less, he will forever be etched in my childhood memories.

One memory that I do not recall, and only because it was well before my time, was Jello Ice Cream.  Once upon a time, there was a Jello Ice Cream Powder.  This product has long since left the shelves, but in my quest for a great picture to go with my great recipe I found a couple that I would like to share.

First, let’s cover the recipe.  I know your sitting on pins and needles just waiting for me to divulge this to you.  So WAIT NO MORE!  Here is it.


  • 3 oz. Strawberry Jello
  • 1/4 cup Boiling Water
  • 1 pt. Vanilla Ice Cream
  • 1 cup Fresh Strawberries (cut to your size preference)
  • 1 Graham Cracker Pie Crust

Dissolve jello in water, stir in ice cream.  Chill until thick, fold in strawberries and pour into pie shell.  Chill until set.

Helpful hint

AWESOME HUH!  This recipe needs no hints, tips or tricks.  It’s fabulously easy to prepare and no alterations are needed.  You could use variations in flavored gelatin or fruit to your liking.  But I guarantee, you might want to make 2.  It goes quick!

Alright here’s is the second picture I found.  Jack Benny and Mary Livingston in, “Jack Benny learns about ice cream”.  Cute little comic I thought you’d enjoy.

Featured picture is courtesy of Sentimental Journey
Jack Benny comic strip courtesy of Kitchen Retro

Now, for those in the crowd that don’t know who Jack Benny is…  I wouldn’t leave you hangin’.  So if your interested in learning more of who Jack Benny was visit The Jack Benny Museum

Well! 😀


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