About Us

     Here at Lowery Leather, we believe that the western culture is a way of life.  You won’t find us in a high-rise building or down town in the land of concrete and asphalt.

     Here at the ranch, you’ll find nothing but pure country.  Where the grass is greener, cows are fatter, horses are bountiful and the riding and scenery are unlimited!  Of course, we did forget to mention the packing, camping, hunting and horse snow skiing didn’t we?!  Well, we’ve got all that here too.

     The business has been owned and operated by family for more than 40 years.  So to us, family IS everything!  That means, the door is always open and the coffee is always hot.

     Our saddles are HANDMADE by the owner of this establishment, Lester Lowery.  He’s been a rancher for more than 50 years and has spent just as much time on a horse.  He knows how vitally important it can be to have “contact” with the horse.  How tiresome it can get throwing a 50 pound saddle (or heavier) on a horse.  And, for the short people in the crowd… How frustrating it is having everything right under your knees.

     Each saddle is custom fit not only to you, but to the horse.  Each piece is HAND TOOLED.  NO machine stamping here!  That makes each piece unique.  So when you hear the words “CUSTOM or HANDMADE”, remember, that means ONE OF A KIND.  It may be similar but GUARANTEED, it’s not the same.

     And with over 50 years experience, you know you’re getting a saddle that CAN and WILL get the job done.  Now, can you say that about your saddle and the saddle maker?  If so, GREAT!  If not, come on in and take a look around and see what’s in the shop.

     Have a question?  Looking for something specific?  Didn’t find what you were looking for?  Don’t worry help is only a click away.  Contact us and we’ll email ya’ back as soon as possible. Well… that is as soon as we get back from ridin’. 😉


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