About the Author

Ever wonder what the end of the rainbow looked like?  Or where nothing but country was acceptable?  Well that would be here!  Where all things western come together.

There is nothing greater than the smell of the first rain on fresh dirt.  Nothings better than sitting on the porch watching the calves frolic and scamper around.  The horses manes blowing in the wind.  Puppies at your feet, cats in the barn, or that oh so wonderful smell of fresh coffee in the morning.

My names Joane and I’m Lester Lowery’s daughter.  You won’t see me in pictures very often as I’m generally the camera.  😀  I also maintain the website, manage online sales and of course maintain this blog.

When I’m not doing all that, I home school my youngest, run one of the ranches, have my own accounting business, watch my oldest son and his wife raise their family and always always always make time to spoil the grandkids!  It’s a good thing there are 26 hours in a day!  ‘Cuz I use every one of them. 😛  I have been told I  need to stop and smell the roses, so here I’d like to note that I do have a wild rose patch, and I think the flowers are pink.

Now I’m a horse fanatic.  Well for that matter, I’m an antique/horse/western fanatic if ya want to cut to the chase of the matter.  If it’s horse related, western related or just a good ol’ antique it’s in my house as a decoration.  From horse heads, horse shoes, antique bridals, antique bits… to well – you name it, I’ve probably got it.  Most say I’m daring, to me it’s just me and what I like.

Now this site is dedicated to all things western.  Here you’ll find it all.  From good ol’ cowboy gossip right down to a good cowboy recipe.  We’re always looking for ways to improve our site for our readers.  So, if there’s something you’d like us to post, research or even feature, email us and let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.

Take yur’ hat off and stay awhile.  If ya’ liked what ya read (or even if ya’ didn’t), leave us a comment to let us now.  You can subscribe to our blog through RSS feed or email.  Thanks for stoppin’ in and come back real soon now…. ya’ hear. 😉


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