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Civil War Recipe ~ Union Skillygalee

Civil War Recipe ~ Union Skillygalee

Well on my adventure to find the “perfect” picture of what the Union soldiers called Skillygalee I came up empty.  As this has never happened to me before, I am quite dismayed by this.  HOWEVER, we are in luck that I am persistant.  Through many hours of this link, leading to that link, and so on, I was able to find some pictures that I think will give you a pretty good idea of what the Union was cooking up.

Soggy Sustenance


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Civil War Recipe ~ Confederate Cush

Civil War Recipe ~ Confederate Cush

Ah, yes cornmeal hash by any other name is well Confederate Cush of course!  Did you know that this Rebel delicacy (created out of necessity) is also known by many other names?

Please pass the what?


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Civil War Recipe ~ Confederate Johnnie Cakes

Civil War Recipe ~ Confederate Johnnie Cakes

With experience growing among the Confederate soldiers, personal modifications to the uniform became prevalent.  The need for long boots, long coats, long sabers, buck gauntlets with long cuffs (gloves), and knapsacks filled with essentials soon went by the way-side.

The Confederate alternative to hardtack


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Quick and Easy Pulled Pork Tenderloin

May is barbecue month!  As the end of the month nears, I want to remind everyone that’s it’s going to go out with a bang.  With everyone celebrating MEMORIAL WEEKEND!  Ahh, the long-awaited, and possibly well deserved three-day weekend.  Now, what do you fix to go along with this great weekend?

Let me see if I can sum up this equation for everyone.  Three days, good food, good friends and lots of family.  Did I mention three days? 😀  Ok, together we can make your next “cowboy party” a success.  I’ll provide the best recipe with the least amount of time needed to prepare and grill it.  You provide the friends and family! 😛

Pulled Pork and more


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Green Chili Chicken

I found this recipe while looking through my saddle box for a crock pot recipe.  It is a recipe clipping, from the back of a fryer chicken.  A Foster Farms fryer to be exact.   

Yes, I seem to be the collector of fine junk and the purveyor of needless necessities.  But, go on, admit it.. You like it.   😛

Green Chili Chicken


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Wrangler’s Pot Roast

Alright, here is another one of my saddle box recipes that we found. 

This is the needle in the hay saddle box, I was looking for!  It’s been tried, tested, and proven, again and again to be a crowd pleaser.  And promises to tame even the heartiest of appetites.

My needle in the saddle box!


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Farmer’s-Style Chops

I’ve been getting a few requests for slow cooker (crock pot) recipes. 

So I dug through my saddle box full of recipes..  What? You dont’ have a saddle box full of recipes?  Well, lucky for you, I do! 

But, between all the recipes (homemade recipe books, cookbooks, recipe clippings, and well just about everything you can think of relating to a recipe), I came to one conclusion.  I was looking for a needle in a saddle box. 😛

So I recruited Mom to help me find just the right recipe for this post.  Well, they all looked so yummy.  And, most made my mouth water just reading them.  We came up with a few that I think everyone will really enjoy making.  And, as an added bonus, the family will LOVE EATING it too! 😀

Let’s get cookin’


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