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Homemade Albondigas Recipe

Homemade Albondigas Recipe

Albondigas roughly translate into Meatball Soup.

Now I can’t tell you how good this is, you’ll just have to trust me and make it for yourself.  The directions are extra simple, and it’s very easy to make.  It is rather spicy, so it’s a welcome treat during the winter months.  You can make this tasty treat as spicy as you like, or as mild as you prefer.  This soup is user-friendly, and adapts well to any taste preference.

Albondigas Soup Recipe


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Wrangler’s Pot Roast

Alright, here is another one of my saddle box recipes that we found. 

This is the needle in the hay saddle box, I was looking for!  It’s been tried, tested, and proven, again and again to be a crowd pleaser.  And promises to tame even the heartiest of appetites.

My needle in the saddle box!


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Farmer’s-Style Chops

I’ve been getting a few requests for slow cooker (crock pot) recipes. 

So I dug through my saddle box full of recipes..  What? You dont’ have a saddle box full of recipes?  Well, lucky for you, I do! 

But, between all the recipes (homemade recipe books, cookbooks, recipe clippings, and well just about everything you can think of relating to a recipe), I came to one conclusion.  I was looking for a needle in a saddle box. 😛

So I recruited Mom to help me find just the right recipe for this post.  Well, they all looked so yummy.  And, most made my mouth water just reading them.  We came up with a few that I think everyone will really enjoy making.  And, as an added bonus, the family will LOVE EATING it too! 😀

Let’s get cookin’


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