Now I’m pretty sure that everyone knows what a recipe is.  So I’ll just get on to tellin’ ya a bit more of what you’ll find in here.

Here you’ll find some of the most unique recipes that I have spent a lifetime collecting.  As the curator of all the antiques and history of the family this opens the door to many things.  Recipes is but one of the many perks to the job.  Some I admit are so unusual that I would never imagined that it was an option, let alone there would be a recipe for it, or that anyone would even consider cooking it.  But, if it’s western (or remotely close), here is where you’ll find them………….. and many more.

It’s reasonable to believe that everyone likes something different.  So here you’ll find a slathering of everything.  From Cowboy Meals, Ranch Woman’s best kept recipes to that awe-inspiring, lil’ buckaroo tummy tickling Hot Cocoa Mix. 

Now I don’t want to disappoint you here, as this IS absolutely where all things Western come together.  So be prepared for some of the best kept as well as some of the most unusual recipes turn up here.

Now I would like to add that every animal I have here, gets some sort of special treatment from me.  Something good and something made by my own hands.  Ok, maybe they aren’t that good and the animals are secretly stashing them behind the barn.  But none the less, they take them with a wagging tail or a friendly nudge and off they go to do, well, whatever it is they do with them.  I choose to believe they eat my little delectables and just can’t wait for the next batch to come out of the oven. 

Now, on to the cookin’ .  Choose any of the Country Cookin’ categories from the drop down list to the right or use the search engine to find what your lookin’ for.


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