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Cowboy Punch

Ok, I have to say this recipe has been around the family a few 100 times.  So I’m sure they won’t mind if I share it here.  If they do get upset, tell ’em you heard it here first! 😛

Now there are parties and then there are Cowboy Parties.  Cowboy parties, can and have been known to last for days.  Only stopping the fun to take care of the ranch chores and then returning to where you left off.  Now, IIIII would NEVER do something like that, but I have heard about it. 😛

Ok, Okay!  You caught me off guard and twisted my arm.  I admit, I have attended a few.  Haha… And thrown a few too!

Here is one of the drinks that has been served at a number of them.

By popular demand…


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