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Happy Valentine’s Day



From All of Us,

Lowery Leather & Crafts, Inc.

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Custom Rodeo Chaps

Custom Rodeo Chaps

As always I try to give everyone a preview of the great things going on in the shop for all our readers.  But this was, well, deserving of a single unveiling.  This is an awesome piece just finished, and is planned on making its first debut at the Payson Rodeo.  It’s hard to pick and choose which pieces make it here, as they are just absolutely beautiful when they are finished.

Drum roll please


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EHV-1 A cause for concern?

Anybody that’s in the horse industry, lives on a ranch or farm, follows the show circuit, competes in the competitive arena, or just follows the western industry KNOWS that there is a very dangerous virus out there.  This virus is dangerous, but apparently not to us.  We as humans can’t contract the virus.  However, we can help the spread of it, if precautions aren’t taken from the onset.

The percentage of horses infected are on the rise and making a great cause for concern.

A cause for concern


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Springtime in the Mountains

Where we live it’s always cool in the summer and (haha) colder in the winter.  You have to beat vacationers off with a stick because they crave the cooler weather too.

Today, as I make the morning coffee and visit with family from out-of-town.  I notice this “white stuff” on the window in the kitchen. O^O It’s snowing!  It has snowed ALL DAY and has just recently stopped an hour ago.

Our family visiting us this weekend, is from Colorado.  Being raised there myself, I can say there is nothing prettier than snow-capped Rockies.  Or, the beautiful sight of a storm rolling in through the valley. 

But you gotta see this!


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Herbal Supplements

Equine herbal supplements containing garlic (there’s that word again), yeast and grape seed oil claim to keep insects off your horse and create an unpleasant manure environment for larvae.  When fed daily, the supplement helps reduce the fly population and repels other biting insects from your horse.  An added benefit to using supplements is that garlic is known to help the circulatory, respiratory and immune system.

So they say


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