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Homemade Albondigas Recipe

Homemade Albondigas Recipe

Albondigas roughly translate into Meatball Soup.

Now I can’t tell you how good this is, you’ll just have to trust me and make it for yourself.  The directions are extra simple, and it’s very easy to make.  It is rather spicy, so it’s a welcome treat during the winter months.  You can make this tasty treat as spicy as you like, or as mild as you prefer.  This soup is user-friendly, and adapts well to any taste preference.

Albondigas Soup Recipe


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Peanut Butter Dog Bone Dog Treats

Peanut Butter Dog Bone Dog Treats

I love cooking, baking and making things with my own two hands.  Animal treats are of no exception.  I was going through the store one day, and came across these cute little “doggie bone” cookie cutters.  They come in small, medium, and large and a variety of colors.  I of course, took one of each color, and size.  (Don’t ask me which store, I’ve been making them for 25 years, and that’s too long ago to remember.)

Now this winter was a long one, and cabin fever was setting in pretty good.  I could curl up with a good book (or my laptop lol) and be good to go.  But kids are a different matter.  So we took to task making these irresistible treats.  I’ve never seen dogs go crazy over a treat, but these will surely make them stand on their heads!

Irrisistibe Peanut Butter Dog Bone Treats

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Drink of the Week ~ Whiskey Brownies

Drink of the Week ~ Whiskey Brownies

I can’t say enough about the many delicious and unique recipes that we can all partake in at some time or another.  And, absolutely remember without a doubt as to the exact taste, and smell… at that exact moment of action packed fun and adventure.

Go on!  You know you want to try this recipe out.  And, for the perfect complement to this delightfully sinful dessert, partner it with a dipper of ice cream.  MmmMmm!

Whiskey Brownie recipe


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Pico De Gallo Recipe

There is nothing more satisfying this time of year than having a garden grow.  By your own two hands, you’ve worked the land, nurtured and cared for it.  Now, the garden is growing lavishly, and giving back of all it’s received.

However, I can think of one thing that could, quite possibly, be more rewarding than this.  Walking out to the garden with a basket! (of course being thankful for the bounty you are about to receive).  And moreover, being thankful for recipes like this, that allow you to implement those, oh so wonderful, home-grown delectable.

Let’s Take a walk in the garden..


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Civil War Recipe ~ Confederate Johnnie Cakes

Civil War Recipe ~ Confederate Johnnie Cakes

With experience growing among the Confederate soldiers, personal modifications to the uniform became prevalent.  The need for long boots, long coats, long sabers, buck gauntlets with long cuffs (gloves), and knapsacks filled with essentials soon went by the way-side.

The Confederate alternative to hardtack


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Ranch Grill

We long for warmer days here, as temperatures here still continue to dip below freezing here at night.  We have tomatoes, beans and other garden delectables ready to be transplanted, yet I fear they will freeze.  Some of the tomatoes that I am trying to season are not liking the cooler temperatures the evenings are still offering us.  Yet, I’m positive that before the summer is over I will once again long for cooler weather. haha (Seems to be a vicious cycle) 

However, the days are tempting us with the prospect of warmer weather coming.  And as we creep into summer, I’m tempted to start planning for one of our many barbecues.

Here’s a great way to kick start summer


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Hush Puppies

Now I’ve always known that Hush Puppies are something you eat.  However, when I was a kid, there was a shoe that came out call Hush Puppies.

It’s a given, I’m not going to be talking about a shoe or better yet, telling you how to make one.

This is the real deal.  Another delicious recipe, that is quick and very simple to make.

Hush Puppies


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