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Springtime in the Mountains

Where we live it’s always cool in the summer and (haha) colder in the winter.  You have to beat vacationers off with a stick because they crave the cooler weather too.

Today, as I make the morning coffee and visit with family from out-of-town.  I notice this “white stuff” on the window in the kitchen. O^O It’s snowing!  It has snowed ALL DAY and has just recently stopped an hour ago.

Our family visiting us this weekend, is from Colorado.  Being raised there myself, I can say there is nothing prettier than snow-capped Rockies.  Or, the beautiful sight of a storm rolling in through the valley. 

But you gotta see this!


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A Touch of Country….

As Spring is upon us, I think of spring cleaning, updating outdated styles and putting a new spin on outdated furniture, clothing and the like.  Yet, wanting to keep the standard of the Western Lifestyle and not compromise that Western Way of Thinking I’m so fond of.  (Yes, I’m thinking about gardening too, but that’s a story for another post later.)

Now, I’m seriously country.  As I said before, if it has a horse in it, related to it or just a horse period,  I WILL like it!  So as I sit here staring at the panelling in my house I ponder the possibilities of updating an old look.  Without breaking the bank to do it.  Or, overloading my already hectic schedule with one more project. 

Let’s make it Western


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When I Stopped to Breathe…

     Today was to be an action packed day of working in the office.  Skipping that well deserved breakfast and foregoing the family affair.  Yet, no matter how hard I tried I just could not succumb to taking the work route all the way to my office (which is only 3 rooms away from the dining room!). 

     I did manage to find some solace in toiling away and eventually managed to finish what I started.  As, beyond the filing cabinet drawers laid many monsters waiting for me to tame them.  Not at all what I had planned on working on, in the office today.  But I was unable to maintain a single thought beyond what the “family” was doing (outside in the sunshine), while I was working.  So, along the way I took many breaks and escaped to the great outdoors so that I didn’t succumb completely to working on a Sunday. 

Sunday of all days!


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Love My Horse ~ Oatmeal Surprise

There is nothing I like more than seeing my four-legged friends smile … ‘er, I mean nicker. 😀

So here’s another one of the many creations I’d like to share.  I hope they bring you many nickers to.


  • 1 cup Oatmeal
  • 1 cup Wheat Flour
  • 1/2 tbls. Brown Sugar
  • 2 spoonfuls Molasses
  • 1/2 cup Water
  • 1/4 cup Apples, diced

     Preheat oven to 350^F.  Mix all ingredients in order except the apple.  Form mixture into balls and smooch an apple slice into the center.  Make sure the apple is completely covered on all sides.  Place on greased cookie sheet.  Bake 8-10 minutes or until golden brown.


After practicing at this you can take the apple and form the mixture around the apple. 

Another variation is to take a muffin pan and fill each cup half way, then place an apple slice, then place remaining mixture over the top of that.  Layering mixture – apple – mixture.  Bake time would remain about the same and the results would be a larger product but the nickers would be the same 😀


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The Cowboy Way

The Cowboy Way

     A GOOD COWBOY will go beyond the call of duty and even put himself in harm’s way to help a suffering beast.  Doug and Patty run a ranch in that big wide country in Eastern New Mexico.  Last spring they’d received several loads of cow-calf pairs.  The weather was against them and the calves went to scourin’.

     The cows were turned out in a big pasture.  Treating the calves wasn’t easy.  The morning of the incident, their neighbor, Caleb, came to help.  He was ridin’ a big mule.  They watched for a minute and confirmed the calf was, in fact, afflicted.  Doug eased up and dropped a lazy loop around his neck.  It is a strange but almost predictable occurence that a calf, who appears to be on the edge of his last breath can suddenly become a dynamo of jack rabbit speed and mad-dog energy when suddenly caught with a rope.

     Doug pulled the horn knot tight on his saddle as the calf slashed back and forth like a 200 pound marlin on the end of his line.  Caleb was haulin’ back on his mule to git outta the way.  Not in time.  The calf went around the outside of the mule and dang near toppled him before they jumped clear.  The mule took off in high gear!  Caleb was mashin’ on the brakes.  You could smell ’em burnin’ as he disappeared over a swell.

     Doug kept his pony facin’ the calf ’til it tangled the rope in some brush.  “Quick, Patty!”, Doug instructed.  “Flank him and give him a Sudafed and some L.A. 200!”

     Patty, who’s a good cowboy herself, dismounted, went down the rope and flanked the calf just as it’s mamma arrived, registering her disapproval.  She was blowin’ snot as Patty maneuvered around tryin’ to keep the calf between herself and mamma.

     Doug saw Caleb out of his peripheral vision, racing back to the scene.  “Great”, he thought.  “Help’s on the way.”

     The mule was still out of control, on auto pilot, so to speak.  He never slowed but instead jumped the stretched rope like a steeple-chaser.  Caleb never shifted his seat and disappeared out the other direction.

     Patty had managed to give the shot and peel off the rope, but the cow gave her a good roll anyway before chasing off after her darlin’ baby.

     I was lookin’ at Patty while Doug was tellin’ me this story.  She nodded with that resigned look I often see in ranch women’s eyes.

     I said, “By gosh, Doug.  Yer’ a heck’uva cowboy!  You did all that and never got off yer’ horse.”

     Doug said, “Yup.  I was trainin’ him.”

 Cowboy Common Sense ~ a reprint from Western Horseman October 2002 Issue

This article and many others by Baxter Black can be found at

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